We create an interior that reflects who you are

Green Design Innovation is an environmentally-conscious, passionately innovative, and always fabulous design firm whose goal it is to create space that is inviting, warm, clean, eclectic, unique, smart, and always beautiful.

Our approach to design is to work from feelings first—what do you want to invoke, what do you want to feel when you walk into the room.  Once we understand who you are and what you want in your space we can begin to pull together a design that is uncommon, versatile, and filled with energy. 

Design is complex, and does not have a schedule. Inspiration sometimes happens while we are cooking dinner, or reading a magazine. When we take on your project we become you. We think of how you live, how you work, how you approach life and how you function.

I have always been fascinated by psychology, and love understanding you, and what makes you tick. I love that exhilarating feeling of excitement mixed with certainty when I find a fabric and say, “this is her, or him!” or when I know that I created the right design for you.

Over the years, I studied different approaches to design, using techniques developed around the world. This has given me a deeper understanding on our interaction within our environment. The littlest detail in our home or office can have a positive or negative effect.  Everything matters! This new awareness helps me guide my clients to be conscious of their selections. Our home and office should support our desire for an abundant life!

Kitchen remodel 1These techniques led me to become an accredited professional with the US Green Building Council.  A harmonious life can be enhanced by the quality of air we breathe. I love suggesting to Clients suffering from allergies, finishes and products that will help them live healthier lives.  I can help Clients interested in integrating a greener approach to their project.

Of course, I am still French after living all these years in our beautiful country. I cannot help myself and my accent betrays me! I love introducing a little bit of unexpected “je ne sais quoi”. Sometimes it is as simple as re-using a piece of furniture or artwork in a different room. All of sudden the item glows in its new location.

My international approach comes also from my love of travel and interest in various cultures. I get excited when I find that element that I know represents you and will distinguish your home.

Good design is to know when trendy is good or bad.  Running away from the most popular that will get dated in 2 years but embracing new technology or a new material. Embracing the trendy can be fun if consciously chosen and easily changed like replacing pillows rather than expensive cabinetry.

Good architecture has integrity and deserves to be respected. It is important to know when design or architecture takes precedence and how to create the balance to enhance the human experience.

Above all, design is fun! Our ultimate goal is to make the world more beautiful through your project. We love working with your team or bring in ours. Designing a home or office is a collaborative effort between you, the architect, contractor, trades, and consultants. We keep our egos in check and will take anybody’s idea that improves the final outcome. Several minds are always better than one. True collaboration is respecting everyone else’s input, understanding our role in the project and knowing when to defer to the expert.

We are most of all, your advocate and require the upmost professionalism for our partners. We pick them carefully and have enjoyed working with some of them for many years. I know that when they get involved in your project, I can relax and focus on another part of the process.

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